Ode to Henry Purcell

The first concert in MusicFor's second series, "Music for a Winter's Eve".
Thursday 22/11/2018 8pm

Tis Nature's Voice - the music of Henry Purcell and his contemporaries

The concert features two internationally renowned singers, both members of The Sixteen, and a baroque ensemble comprised of young and talented musicians.

The programme will explore music for two countertenors and recorders, written by Henry Purcell and his contemporaries, and features John Blow's monumental work "Ode on the Death of Mr. Henry Purcell".

There will be a bar serving wine and snacks, please grab a glass of wine to drink during the concert!

The concert will have no interval, commences at 8pm, and will last approximately one hour.

The programme for 22/11/2018 8pm

Henry PURCELL - Music for a while
Daniel PURCELL - Trio Sonata in F major
Henry PURCELL - Tis nature’s voice
Henry PURCELL - Strike the Viol
Henry PURCELL - In Vain the am’rous flute

Daniel PURCELL - O Ravishing Delight
Jean-Marie LECLAIR - Sonata in D major
Henry PURCELL - Hark, the echoing air
Henry PURCELL - Evening Hymn

Henry PURCELL - A Serenading Song
Henry PURCELL - O Solitude
John BLOW - Ode on the Death of Mr. Henry Purcell

Read the programme from Tis Nature's Voice

Listen to a clip of the concert: recorded live


Daniel and David
Daniel Collins - David Gould
Marion Bettsworth - George Ross - Jonaton Bougt
Phoebe Butler - Iain Hall  recorders
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