The Renaissance Consort of Naples 2020

The Anglican Church, Naples 30 January 2020


The Renaissance Consort of Naples performed its second concert under the direction of Daniel Collins in the wonderful settings of the Anglican Church, Naples. Italy. Along with the choirs' singing the event helped raise awareness of the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and the good works done by the Salvation Army in Naples. Daniel Collins flew in from London to conduct the choir

Daniel Collins

It was a happy reunion for the choir and Daniel.
The serious work of the first rehearsal before the evening's concert was soon under way

First rehearsal at church

During the rehearsal the Anglican church in Naples filled with the wonderful music of The Renaissance Consort of Naples

First rehearsal

7:30pm the audience began entering the church

8:30pm the beautiful music began. Daniel led the choir into 'Hail gladdening Light' by Charles Wood

Daniel and the choir

The Renaissance Consort of Naples sang the renaissance brilliance of composers from Italy, England and Spain

Daniel and the choir

The final song then, as all good things must come to an end, the concert finished with Lay a Garland by Robert Pearsall

Daniel and the choir

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Daniel and the choir
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Christ Church, Naples

Via S.Pasquale a Chiaia 15B,
80121 Naples. Italy

View the concert music for January 30

The Salvation Army
in Naples

The Salvation Army is an international evangelical movement that currently operates in 131 countries scattered over 5 continents, alongside the preaching of the Bible, social works of various kinds such as schools, children's homes, homeless hostels, hospitals, programs emergency for disasters, etc ... In Italy the Salvation Army has been present since 1887 and in Naples since 1911. In our city we collaborate with the Social Services of our area by delivering food parcels and used clothes, collecting money and food. In addition, from January to March we have a distribution service for hot meals, coffee, sandwiches, clothes and blankets to the homeless. Our service is totally self-financed and is made possible by the generosity of our members, sympathisers and other evangelical churches in the city

The Salvation Army website (Italy):

Concert Videomaker and Photographer

The concert was videotaped by Daniele De Stefano

More information about Daniele's work can be found by clicking the link below

Daniele's page »

The concert was photographed by Diana Petrarca

More information about Diana's work can be found by clicking the link below

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The video recording and the photography were sponsored to dedicate the memory of Cynthia Price

Sponsorship is always welcome. Either for an entire concert series, a single concert or getting the programmes printed. For more information regarding this, please contact Laura Alquati executive secretary of the RCN choir. Please click here